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The original, the one, the only, Shooting Offshore, LLC offers amazing half day (morning and afternoon) shooting excursions on the Caribbean blue seas surrounding Key West Florida. Enjoy a 4-hour expedition with up to 6 of your friends and family while shooting a traditional course of trap - 5 rounds each from 5 different shooting positions. We have worked hard to provide our Customers with a shooting adventure that is safe, environmentally friendly, approved by local, state and federal regulatory authorities, and fully insured for the protection of everyone involved.

The shooting experience can be tailored to beginner and advanced shooters alike using our state-of-the-art commercial series clay pigeon thrower - allowing us to adjust pitch, direction, and speed. We also provide mandatory shooter operation and safety instructions on each trip. Everybody, regardless of shooting experience, will have fun.

We cruise weather and sea conditions permitting 7 days a week. We offer full refund or credit if cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

Cruise Options

Morning Cruise

  • 3-4 hour cruise leaving at 8AM, returning by 12PM (noon)
  • Up to 6 people space available.
  • 25 rounds per shooter, more can be purchased time permitting.

Afternoon Cruise

  • 3-4 hour cruise leaving at 1PM, returning by 5pm,
  • Up to 6 people space available.
  • 25 rounds per shooter, more can be purchased time permitting.
  • Can be extended to see the sunset.

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We are easy to find

Galleon Marina
Slip #32
619 Front Street
Key West, FL 33040

The Boat
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Boat Slip location

Need to Know

What we Provide

  • Shooting Offshore, LLC will provide firearms, ammunition, ear plugs and safety goggles
  • We primarily shoot 12-gauge shotguns. Upon request, we can provide shooters with a 20-gauge shotgun having less recoil for people with smaller frames
  • We will provide drinks - bottled water and Coke products
  • There is not a bathroom on the boat

What to Bring

  • Bring weather appropriate clothing - long sleeves, hat, jacket, sunglasses
  • Bring reef safe sunscreen
  • Please bring your own snacks - no food is provided

Shooter Participation

  • All shooters must provide a valid government issued photo id
  • Shooters under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
  • All shooters will be required to sign a liability waiver form before departure from the dock
  • A maximum of 6 shooters can participate on each cruise. This is a hard rule enforced by the US Coast Guard - no exceptions
  • Prior to departure, all shooters must participate in a safety instruction course is presented in English. Shooters therefore must be able to effectively communicate in English


  • Payment in full by each shooter is required prior to departure. If time permits, and shooters would like to shoot extra rounds, that can be accommodated for an extra fee
  • Gratuities are customary for the Captain and Crew
  • No refunds for shooters who are no shows
  • No refunds for shooters that are late for departure. We leave promptly at the scheduled time

Code of Conduct

  • No alcohol consumption is permitted by anyone while on board the boat.
  • Any shooter that has consumed alcohol prior to departure will not be permitted to participate in the trip, and no refund will be offered. Determination of alcohol consumption is made at the Captain's discretion
  • The Captain has final say for shooter participation and may at any time, for any reason, refuse to allow a shooter to participate. Refund may be offered depending upon circumstances
  • Dangerous behavior by a shooter(s) while on board the boat may result in immediate termination of the cruise and heading back to port, at the Captain's discretion. Dangerous behavior includes mishandling of the firearms, abusive language of behavior, consumption of alcohol, not following instructions, abuse of the boat or the environment, etc. We need everyone's full attention and cooperation in order to complete a safe charter

Inclement weather - Cancellations

  • Trips may be cancelled due to inclement weather or rough sea conditions, as determined by the Captain and Shooting Offshore, LLC. Trips cancelled due to bad weather will be refunded or credited to a future trip at the customers discretion
  • If there is a small craft advisory (yellow) we probably won't be going out. We will notify shooters as far in advance as possible if a trip is going to be cancelled
Environmental Awareness


Shooting Offshore, LLC began operations in Key West in 2019. We operate out of the Key West Seaport in the Galleon Marina at slip #32 which is right at the cut on the seawall. The Galleon Marina is located at 619 Front Street, Key West FL, 33040.

This excursion can be tailored to both beginner and advanced shooters alike, so we encourage everybody to come out and give it a shot. We will make certain you are comfortable and have an enjoyable time.

For equipment, we currently run a twin hull 26-foot Glacier Bay, with twin Suzuki 150 hp engines that can accommodate six passengers per trip. We have custom built a shooting stand that provides all around hands-free support for the ultimate in Customer sand shooter safety. We have multiple shotguns to choose from including Remington, Benelli, Ithaca, Mossberg in 12 and 20 gauge. If you have a favorite shotgun, you are welcome to bring your own. We supply only 12 and 20 gauge ammunition. Nothing but shotguns are permitted to be discharged from the boat - no pistols, no hunting rifles, no long rifles of any kind.

We are very conscious of the environmental impact and put nothing toxic in the water. Our ammunition is US Fish and Wildlife approved for waterfowl hunting, contains no lead, no plastics, and we capture all the shells after shooting rounds to make sure they stay in the boat. The load in our rounds is steel and will quickly and safely deteriorate in the salt-water seas. We use bio-degradable White Flyer clay pigeons that are non-toxic and disintegrate within hours of entering the water.

Our clay pigeon thrower is a state-of-the-art Atlas AT150 Commercial Series. It is electric and fully automated allowing a variety of pitches, directions, and speeds. This allows us to adjust the level of difficulty for every type of shooter - from beginner to advanced. We want everybody to hit all their shots!

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Corporate Address:
6000 Peninsular Ave.
Key West, FL 33040

Boat Location:
Galleon Marina
Slip #32
619 Front Street
Key West, FL 33040

You can also contact us by phone (305) 304-6078 or email us a message here:

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